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Self-injury is a serious response to stress, depression, fear, or distress. Self-injury, whether by cutting, burning, or otherwise hurting oneself, affects many people of all ages. In, Americans visited the emergency department due to self-inflicted injuries Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

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Life with Cancer. He also encourages parents to open the lines of communication between themselves and their teens by engaging in t activities, even playing video games together. But others concluded that young people who went online to find out more about self-harm and suicide were exposed to violent imagery and acted out what they had seen online.

Although this new study links more extensive Internet use with higher rates of self-harm, it doesn't prove that computer use caused the self-injurious behavior. Moderate or severe addiction to the Internet is also connected to higher risks of self-harm and increased levels of depression or thoughts of suicide, the study authors said.

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We just need to see how to maximize the positives and minimize the negatives. We need to support such kids a great deal more [and] ask about their Internet usage. In the United States each year, about 4, people between 10 and 24 years old take their own lives, and many more survive suicide attempts, according to the U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In one study Montgomery's team reviewed, 59 percent of young people said they had researched suicide online, and 80 percent of those who had carried out particularly violent acts of self-harm said they had researched cutting chat room online beforehand.

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Researchers from Oxford University in England found conflicting evidence on whether online activity poses a positive or negative influence for vulnerable teensbut observed a strong link between the use of Internet forums or " chat rooms" and an increased risk of suicide. How to help these at-risk adolescents remains a concern.

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Globally, Internet use increased by more than percent between December and Juneaccording to the study authors. For the report, published Oct. The investigators found that some studies suggested Internet forums support socially isolated people, helping them to cope.

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Latest Healthy Kids News. Another study showed that out of nearly posts, 9 percent were about methods of self-harm, and users swapped tips in chat rooms on how to conceal the behavior. While some adolescents used the forums to congratulate one another for not cutting and provided emotional support for one another, no evidence suggested the support translated into reduced levels of self-harm.

Lorber said group therapy is often helpful "because they have the opportunity to make social connections in a protected place, and then they feel they're not the only ones who feel that way. Cyber- bullying was found to make victims more likely to self-harm, and one study suggested online bullying put both victims and perpetrators at higher risk of attempted suicide.

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A teen told me she went to a chat room on cutting, where basically a lot of teens were acting as if it were cool and no big deal. Use of chat rooms was strongly linked to greater risks of suicide -- a connection not observed in relation to other social networking sites. Aboutyoung people receive emergency room treatment for self-inflicted injuries.

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If you are ready to get help, strongly consider telling someone about your cutting or self-injury.

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We chat with a lot of people who are cutting themselves or self harm in different ways.